Wednesday, July 30, 2014


ayyy that post I made has like 20 notes suddenly.

am ignoring it on the chance that they’re bad notes.

a quick check of a few of the blogs that have liked/reblogged it shows that these are good notes.

I have literally no idea how it happened considering no tagging was involved but whatever! cool?

ayyy that post I made has like 20 notes suddenly.

am ignoring it on the chance that they’re bad notes.

Monday, July 28, 2014

I honestly don’t see the point in explaining feminism to people who are obviously not going to change their opinions EVER.

good luck guys.



made the terrible mistake of looking at the women against feminism blog, again.

I died a little inside.

some of the shit though was contradictory to what they were saying.. just? a couple of women were saying that they made a choice to stay home and raise a family… LIKE REALLY? WHO GAVE YOU THE ABILITY TO HAVE A CHOICE?


you’re basically saying that the only choices they should make are the ones that feminism picks out for them and THAT is the most misogynist, oppressive thing, NOT “patriarchy”.

Excuse me? The choices we are even able to make as women these days are mostly, in part, due to feminism. I did not say AT ALL that feminists MUST ALWAYS pick and choose what women have a choice in. How did you even get that out of what I said? You need to refresh your reading comprehension, jesus. 

What I was saying was that the women who are complaining about feminism have very little knowledge about what feminism truly is and the points that they are making are hypocritical as fuck. 

One of them states that she doesn’t need feminism because she needs a man who will respect her. Another states that she doesn’t need it because she can think for herself. 

I don’t hate these women, I feel sorry for them. 

here’s an idea for Tony Abbott, instead of making people who are receiving assistance work for it, how about you create more fucking jobs so these people can actually legitimately work?

there are people out there who support this and it sickens me.

I have eaten so much today that whenever I burp, I can taste EVERY little thing that has gone in my mouth.


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oh god I hope Dad gets me a job I really fucking need it

Sunday, July 27, 2014

oh crap its my cousins birthday this week

I’m kinda hoping I get invited to her party so I can get trashed and make out with her friends and embarrass the SHIT out of her

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